This is so not about me….

I get juiced on the interaction with the customer.  The energy that gets exchanged between us makes the day light up.  But some interactions are not so much about me and are also really great.

When I get a couple in my line who are totally grooving on each other – especially if they are teasing and joking and having a lot of fun – I mostly sit back and let them play.  There may be little openings for me to join in the fun, but sometimes the energy between them is so strong that it’s better to mostly be an observer.

Sometime before the transaction is over – often after the money has changed hands and they are about to leave – I find my opening to affirm them, in some genuine way to say, “You’re cool”.

Cool couples can be any age.

Cool couples can be any age.

  • “Are you two always this funny.?” (“fun to be around”)
  • “How long have you two been together?”  Regardless of their answer, my response can be “You’re amazing!”
  • “You’re my coolest couple of the day.”
  • “You should get the lovebirds discount.”

So why make the fuss over these couples?

  1. Their energy really is good for the store.
  2. Their energy is a gift for everyone who gets to be around them – including me.
  3. I aspire to be in this kind of relationship, so celebrating theirs is good luck.  A really cool gay couple can also be good luck for this straight guy.
  4. But most of all, it affirms them.  To have a stranger (or relative stranger) observe a snippet of their relationship, hold it up to the light and proclaim, “This is good” – that can be a real gift to them.  And why not?

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