Presentation on mental health recovery next Friday

Sharon Young is brilliant and a real leader in the field of mental health recovery.  She is the thought leader behind the very progressive CooperRiis treatment program.  (It’s apparently now renamed the Cooper Institute.  Their website is very inspiring and educational:  Come to her presentation at noon on the 16th and let’s go out to lunch afterwards to talk about it.  Let me know if you are coming so we can look for each other.

119 Tunnel Road Inc. Asheville NC 28805  (in the training offices at October Road, Inc.).
FREE and open to the public. No registration required.

“Recovery and Discovery:  How to Support the Re-conceptualization of Self Within the Recovery Journey”


One of the most powerful, yet least articulated aspects of the recovery journey involves the profound process of re-conceptualization of one’s identity.  This workshop will provide a conceptual framework for identity work and existential aspects of the healing process along with tools that can be utilized to facilitate this crucial aspect of recovery.

Dr. Sharon Young is the Director of Cooper Institute as well as being a licensed Psychologist.  Implementation and research related to the progressive recovery movement has been Dr. Young’s professional passion.

The Cooper Institute (until recently CooperRiis) is a pioneer in holistic, recovery-oriented psychiatric treatment - a lot because of Sharon Young's leadership.

The Cooper Institute (until recently CooperRiis) is a pioneer in holistic, recovery-oriented psychiatric treatment – a lot because of Sharon Young’s leadership.

As a part of her research efforts, Dr. Young created a three stage non-linear Recovery Model and a comprehensive Recovery Measure which emerged from a grounded theory analysis of individual recovery stories. In addition to publishing and presenting this research, Dr. Young has distilled seven recovery domains from the research which provides a framework for the holistic programming of CooperRiis Healing Community.

Dr.  Young also serves on the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Foundation of Mental Health Excellence and the PRA (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association) Advisory Committee for the new Recovery and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Learning Academy.  She is also co-leading the political advocacy efforts of the organization called North Carolinians for Recovery Oriented Care, has been on the planning committee for all five North Carolina Recovery Conferences, and is on the strategic planning committee for the Mountain Council Recovery Coalition of Western North Carolina.

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