Put me in your blog!

Jessica, in the cafe next to my store, takes real good care of me (as do Beth and Richard the manager).  She’s friendly, attentive, efficient – and she has learned and remembers my name.  This morning she convincingly said that she misses me when I don’t come in.  I don’t totally believe it, but I believe that she’s happy to see me.  

When I told her about this blog, she got all animated (as cashiers typically do – “Wow, something about us!”).  She took that animation one step further and said “Put me in your blog”.  I said “Maybe.”  Really I was thinking “Well, you haven’t done anything memorable.”  Just typical world-class customer service.

Even I sometmes take really great service for granted.  That's not good.

Even I sometmes take really great service for granted. That’s not good.

Cashiering at its best is very personal work.  You really take an interest in the customer – you want them to have a good experience.  You’re putting a little bit of your heart on the line by not doing it by rote.  Jessica absolutely deserves a post – as does Beth, as does Richard, as does everybody who shows up to this work and takes a genuine personal interest in their customers.

All you do is make me like your store.  All you do is make my day a little better.  I, as much as anybody, ought to know that.

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