A Legacy Of Loss And Loneliness

4 thoughts on “A Legacy Of Loss And Loneliness

  1. Majo ~ I am truly sorry to hear about your broken arm!?! Did I miss the post on how that happened? May I trust that you have a line of friends ready and willing to help you? I can’t remember if you have a roommate these days? Majo, my mother transitioned on Nov. 26, so I feel I am going through an amazing metamorphis of deep grief and compassion for all of life which is quite draining energetically. I am managing to prepare six memorial scrapbooks to give to each of her grandchildren. We also found some beautiful poetry she had written!! So it is probably safe to say that I will be more available after Christmas Day (the memorial is in Nashville on the 23rd) if you need a ride or a meal cooked. In the mean time let me extend heartfelt empathy for your plight.
    Warmest Christmas Hugs ~
    Kathy Edwards


  2. Kathy –

    Thanks so much for reading my blog post.

    I did put stuff on Facebook about the injury, but if you are like me you wouldn’t see it. I post stuff on Facebook, but never read my newsfeed. Would like to – like the stuff my friends post (and would hear about events like this in my friends’ lives. I’ve also written about the accident in earlier blog posts. I especially recommend “On the Shelf” (12/9) and “The miracle of the surgery scheduling” (12/10). “You are so beautiful” (12/11) is actually, honestly, realistically a very beautiful poem that I feel sue you would like. I’m performing it on Sunday at Jubilee and Jackie Dobrinska will probably capture a video – and because I love you so much I’ve just given myself a reminder to send you the link:).

    Geez, it’s been so long since we’ve had a visit – I’m liable to tell you I’m still not driving after the 23rd, even if I am…which is a toss-up at this point. We owe it to ourselves to get together somehow.

    I have actually had tremendous help and support from my friends, including from my really great new roommate Justine (who is probably picking me up some groceries from Earth Fare as I’m writing this). And since last December (hey, we have an anniversary in a couple of days) I have had a totally fabulous little four pound dog, princess Toni. Is this still your email address: kathryn.elan@gmail.com? I’ll send you pictures. Do you still have your wonderful little dog?




    • Ohh I so glad to hear that you do have a roommate and I was fairly confident you would have lots of help. The silver lining in life’s tragedies is getting to see how beautiful people can be when they reach out, hence my desire to do more reaching out. You warmed my heart to remind me that we don’t need a reason to plan to get together. I am totally up for seeing you soon after Christmas. Kathy E.

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