Kathy Edwards on the Releasing the Force blog

WOW!!! Really, this is truly AWESOME!! I have been feeling so under powered in terms of where to go and what to do with my political integrity, my deep despair, feeling the repressed rage which we all know where that leads …

I feel in this blog (gosh, its so much more than a blog) I have found a connection back to the core of my authenticity. I mean this is like a one stop, feel good shop of vibrant hope! I watched tons of Stephen Colbert, I am definitely going to start coming to the Artist Way, workshops on Monday’s, even ordered the book. I too went to see The Post and was profoundly moved to tears. Your blog made me feel the spirit of so much destiny toward our highest selves our better selves amidst all that is going on.  Gawd I could on here … I am thoroughly impressed with this effort.

New from me – Releasing the Force: Activism with Heart

Dear friend –
I have a new project that has me totally excited.  What I really want to say is that I have found my mission – at least for this chapter of my life.
The project is called Releasing the Force: Activism with Heart.  Its purpose is to support people who feel that it might be the right time to get more politically involved, but don’t know where to start – or who feel that the whole mess is too toxic to touch. It also can serve people who already are about as involved as they want to be, but need a shot in the arm.
The project will involve four components:
  1. A new blog!  www.releasingtheforce.com Just launched!  I’m so excited!  It already has so much great content – and there are already lots more blog posts that I have outlined to write.  And it’s beautiful!  Lots of great pictures and links to songs and video.  Subscribe to it in the upper right hand corner, so you will hear by email when a new post is published.
  2. A book with the same name.  Call me crazy, but I want it published by May, in time for it to have some impact on the November elections.  I think that if I self-publish I’m just on fire enough to do that.  I welcome your feedback – but no discouraging words, even if they feel to you like “just reality”.
  3. Public speaking – starting with a four-minute “Gift” at Jubilee this Sunday.  It’s going to be videotaped and I’ll post it on the blog next week. Bring me in to speak to your group!
  4. Activism with Heart coaching from me.  Could be just what you need to get or keep going. Click this link for more to go to that page on my Releasing the Force blog.  Call or write me for more information.

    laughing 2 color

    Activism coaching can support you on your path towards freedom.

Watch for a crowdfunding pitch soon to come.
  • A book is going to cost some money – even if just for editing.
  • So much of this revolves around my computer (it’s my light saber!) – and mine is a ten-year old refurbished beater on its last legs.
  • They are reducing all of our hours at Earth Fare and I can’t make ends meet.  If I take a second or a new job – which I am exploring (anybody know somebody at Trader Joe’s?) – it may wipe me out for this new project.
  • Do you have experience with any of the various crowdfunding platforms? I’d love to hear it.
Got ideas, encouragement or feedback?  Please share.  Write heymajo@gmail.com or call 828-582-9822.
If all you do is bless this project, wish me good things, visualize me being successful, that’s a lot – actually will be awesome.
Majo John