More talking trash – BS primero

Here’s the most over-the-top piece of BS I have ever purveyed to a customer.  It’s up against some stiff competition – I do go on – but I think this is genuinely the most outrageous bit of craziness I have slung.

This young woman was having a lot of trouble finding her “Healthy Rewards” frequent shopping card in her wallet.  She was getting pretty frustrated – maybe part of me was just trying to take her off the hook.

“Did they teach you the song?”


“Yeah, the Healthy Rewards song.”

“No.” (What’s going on here?)

“Yeah, the card can get kind of shy in your wallet and the song helps it relax and come out.” (OMG, she’s still kind of buying it!  I can’t believe this.  It’s a little scary to be so far out over my skis, but it’s also a blast!)

“Really?” (This guy is nuts, but I don’t know how to get out of this so I’ll play along.)

“Yeah, let’s try it.”  By the time I actually wrapped my hands around her wallet and started to hum this little made up song, it had all gotten so out of control that I could barely take it.  Then her eyes caught mine and I knew that she had finally woken up from the spell – and we both laughed really hard.

2 thoughts on “More talking trash – BS primero

  1. Thanks Kathy – it’s feeling great to me to be writing, after two weeks away from my activism blog and maybe six weeks away from this one. To read more about why I absolutely need to be writing now, including a reference to my suicide attempt 15 years ago, read this post from my Releasing the Force blog:

    Yay for you for being in Barrie’s dance. I have been in two of her dances and am a huge fan of her work – try to never miss a performance. I’ve got you in for May 13, 5:30-7. I usually also join the group for food after. Is Cynthia Greenfield in? (60ish, red hair, very vivacious and talkative and positive and team-building) She was in both of the dances i did – never misses one these days) and we do AMC together.

    Let’s talk on the phone sometime, eh? I’ve got so much I’d like to talk with you about.


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