The 5-minute power pump in the cafe

I haven’t worked at our store for about four months now, but I still love it there.  The community of staff and customers are, to me, a healthy organism and I get happy around them.

Tom K

I think of Tom as a dog guy (think Madeleine) but he obviously has heart for cats, too.  They are so present.

Tom Kilby is a pro at the 5-minute power pump, a name that I just came up with that represents making something significant happen during your 10-minute break (half of which is chewed up by using the bathroom and moving from one place to another).  I was just visiting the store, camped out in the cafe with my laptop, so I was not encumbered with these time limits.  Tom, on the clock with his 10-minute break, sat down and looked at me in his classic let’s-make-something-happen stance.

And we did.  We talked about how our days were going.  We talked about what it was like for me hanging out in my old store. But even more, in these five minutes, we didn’t talk about anything.  We just looked at each other and experienced what it was like being with each other.  Two grocery workers (one retired).  Two older men, me 72 and him just recently 64.  Two guys passionately committed to integrity, to realness, to connection.

Using our five minutes the best we could.