Real Life in the Mast General Store checkout line

When I worked as a Christmas holiday temp worker at the Mast General Store 15 years ago, I so infected the other retail staff with the joys of playing with your customer – that you could leave the script and have fun at work – that this totally threatened the very new store manager, who knew that i knew way more about management than she would ever know…and she fired me.
Sherri Lynn cashier with Toni
9 a.m. Christmas eve morning, as we retail staff were entering the store. A little queue of sales people around the back door: “What’s going on?” A lovely 60ish woman, almost in tears, “I was telling my husband over dinner last night that you are teaching us about customer service.” That was why I had to go – not just for what I was doing as a sales person/cashier, but because the other staff were watching: “There’s another way to do this, that is a lot more authentic, more fun.”

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