The joys of wise-asserie

I am more of a wise-ass kind of everywhere these days – at work and elsewhere.

I’m a big fan of Kamala Harris for president and wrote an enthusiastic Facebook post about her.  This one guy Mikey who I don’t know and is not a Facebook friend of mine (how did he even find this post?) put up an article and his own post saying, basically, “Don’t vote for Kamala Harris – she’s a bad candidate.”

kamala 1

Kamala Harris

I commented, “So now everybody’s a big f***ing expert.”

Mikey came back with “I think it’s wrong to mock somebody who is on your own side.”

I responded, “I’m sorry if my gnarly comment lowered the level of discourse.  It was your use of the word ‘should’, your certainty that you had ‘the truth’ and your telling the rest of us what to do that especially irritated me.  And my original disrespectful wise-ass comment has provided me with tremendous merriment – I laugh every time I read it.”

These comments obviously came not from my “nice guy” persona but from my progressively-more-integrated aggressive shadow.  These days I don’t suffer fools gladly.

Is being a wise-ass a bad thing? It seems to be what I really want to do – it just rolls off my tongue.  Any more, I don’t worry too much about what’s right or  wrong, good or bad. I more just follow the promptings of my own heart.

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