Majo tweets!

I am using Twitter to announce my Earth Fare schedule on a daily basis – and last week I twice did add a shift with just one day notice.  ( I also do announce my schedule weekly on Facebook, some time on Sunday – when I remember to do so.)

So if you want:

  1.  your Majo hug, even if it pisses off the people waiting in line.  I love to reassure the young woman waiting in line for her groceries turn next, “You don’t have to do this.”
  2. a new validation, which it is my mission to deliver each time someone comes through my line. (I don’t literally manage this every time, but it is my goal.) Today a young woman at Jason’s Deli said, ” I remember you – you’re the Earth Fare cashier who told me ‘You have a perfect nose’.  You don’t forget something like that.”  I neglected to ask her if her life has been in some way better for that.
  3. some little word of wisdom, like “the more foolish you can be every day, the better.”  I sense there are some coming that are even deeper than that :).

Come to my twitter feed: @johnmajo

If you do not yet have Twitter, getting it may open up whole new worlds for you.  Wouldn’t it be great (for some of you :)) to know, day to day, what Elizabeth Warren is saying – or Kamala Harris or Corey Booker? Even more fun than some other politicians who are even more closely identified with their Twitter feeds.  Marianne Williamson or #45?  Majo John Madden or I don’t know – Soupy Sales.

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