Double-teaming the doctor tomorrow

The whole-body contraction and intense pain that are the core symptoms of “depression” for me (much more than mood changes) have, over the last three days, gotten worse. Whereas it usually takes a while to get in with my primary doc, I called this afternoon and got an appointment with him tomorrow morning at 9:15.

This is not Dr. David Clements, my internist at Carolina Internal for 15 years now – but is a lot easier on the eyes.

I really like to bring a friend with me to non-routine doctor appointments, to


– give me moral support and help me to not just be cognitive – to feel my feelings about it    all even as I think, to not numb out


– to help me be assertive, ask all the questions I have prepared and those which come up    in the course of the conversation


– to help me make sense of and remember what is discussed or I am told.
Could any of you: –

a) meet me at Starbuck’s in Biltmore Village at 8:45, then go with me to the appointment, which probably will start by 9:30 and – if they draw blood and stuff – probably be over by 10:30. We could debrief the session for about a half-hour either then or over the phone sometime later in the day or


2) if 8:45 is a little too early for you to meet up, then to plan the session with me tonight and meet at the office (2 minutes from that Starbuck’s) at 9:15


3) if it doesn’t work for you to go the meeting tomorrow, to spend a half-hour over the phone tonight planning the session and/or a half-hour tomorrow afternoon or evening debriefing it.
It would always be great for us to get together any time in the near- or medium-future – on the phone, face-to-face, or virtually – to talk about all this.

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