Majo turns 73! Party Sunday, 9/22, 2-5 p.m.

Unbelievable! (That he made it.)

13th floor Roof Garden (that white strip at the top of the building), Battery Park Apartments, 1 Battle Squarebuilding front

Roof GardenReach Majo:, 828-582-9822

ecstatic dancing (see Comments below), poetry and stories (no potluck this time – not really a meal time)resist big smile

No smoking in the building

No alcohol in public spaces (but yes in Majo’s apartment during and after the party)living room with dog

Please RSVP in a comment below

Front door must stay locked.  We need volunteers to greet for 30 minute shifts.  Also mention your willingness to do this in a Comment.

Put all kinds of Comments down there – build the buzz!  (Who needs a Facebook event page?  And lately more of my friends are dumping Facebook.)

Dancing with 5 Rhythms facilitator. (Please bring $1-10 for the facilitator – see description of Jo Anna Dane in a Comment below.)

30 minutes of Majo’s poems and stories – not an open mic.  See descriptions of five poems and stories in a Comment below.

If you can’t find parking on the street, there is a lot on Flint St kitty-corner from the Civic Center, just north of the expressway on the left side (5″ walk) and another behind the Visitor Center on Montford (10″ walk).

There will be time for schmoozing, whereas the last three parties did not leave much open space for that.  Enjoy the beautiful 13th-floor Roof Garden balconies.  Escape to Majo’s 5th floor apartment (good views from there, too).

Children are welcome.  The first hour will be unstructured: kids can play in the big party room, your family can check out the wonderful views from the 13th floor, you can go visit my apartment, etc.  The second hour will be the ecstatic dance: some young children are inspired by the music and want to get out and move; some teenagers get into it.  Next is 30 minutes of Majo’s poetry and stories: young ones can be problematic in the room, but some thoughtful teenagers will like it.  There may be more unstructured time at the end.

Hoowee!  It’s been a long, hard year for the Majo-meister.  (Some of you know some or most of this, some will be described in a story that afternoon – but you can feel free to ask me.)  But there are portents of a good year ahead:

  • I’ve got my old-new job back as a cashier at Earth Fare and am loving it more than ever.
  • I’m about to have my old-new roommates back, Tom and Ian Kilby, in Candler – and I’m really excited about that.
  • My fabulous old-new dog, the amazing chihuahua mix Pancho is better than ever and makes me very, very happy.  Come with us for a walk some time.

My bipolar process is still mostly out of control – and I am going to need to pull up all my aliveness for the changes and challenges still ahead.

Birthday cards are great!

Linger after five with us in my apartment!

Actual birthday is 9/26.

Susie - my homecoming 6-19

Majo and Panchita, aka Pancho – June 17, 3 hours after I got out of the hospital, we hadn’t seen each other for two weeks (photo – and dog boarding – courtesy of Susie Davis)

Pancho will be spending the afternoon with her BFF Diana, who lives elsewhere in the building.  Diana is not a fan of parties, but she and Pancho will sneak into the Roof Garden (which technically does not allow pets) for my poetry segment.  Pancho will also hang with us at the after-party in my apartment.  She loves people and – after a period at Battery Park of becoming afraid of dogs and responding to this fear by getting aggressive with them – is starting to like other dogs again, but is still a little unpredictable with them.



19 thoughts on “Majo turns 73! Party Sunday, 9/22, 2-5 p.m.

    • Majo,
      Unfortunately Dru and I will not be able to make it on the 22nd. We’re having a huge yard sale that weekend and our kids are coming to help. I hope you have a great time. Thanks for thinking of us.


    • My dog Pancho will be in the room for the poetry segment – she’s a big fan of my poetry.

      5 Rhythms dancing will now be 45 minutes. (Everything was not adding up time-wise, so we shortened the dancing in the service of hopes of having a little more unstructured time at the end. And Jo Anna tells me she finds this shorter segment to be preferable for people who are new to the form.)


  1. Yay, the celebration may start now! I’ve changed the door shifts to 30 minutes – 15 minutes is too much chaos. But if you want to keep yours at 15 minutes, the management will honor our original offer.


  2. This sounds like a wonderful event! And i wish you the best for the year ahead and the day of celebration. BUT..that is my mom’s 91st birthday and I will likely be down in SC for that! Thank you for opening up the invite list as I always read ALL of your newsletters but have not seen you at Eathfare but I’m keeping my eyes out for you! Love, Brynda


  3. Brynda – thanks so much for your comment. Congrats to your mom! Great genes, eh?

    Sorry you can’t make it to the party, but I will keep an eye out for you at Earth Fare. Some friends have been saying they would like to know when I am there, so I have started posting my schedule: Sundays on Facebook – and daily on Twitter – @JohnMajo.

    Love to you!


  4. 5 Rhythms Dancing
    provides a loose structure – music with 5 distinct rhythms – with the support of which you can totally find your own form of self expression. “How does my body want to move to this music?”
    If you let yourself really participate in it – play with it – you are pretty much guaranteed to have an interesting, novel experience – and just may find it thrilling. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. We will dance preferably barefoot (you really can feel your feet on the floor) or in dance shoes. If you choose not to dance, that’s totally OK. But the invitation is still to have an experience – “What is going on for me right now?” – rather than to just observe.

    Our facilitator (still to be named) will have spent hours, literally, preparing the “mix” in these 5 rhythms. They will spend about ten minutes giving an overview of the dance – just enough structure that new people can feel comfortable, invited. Then at the end they will facilitate a debrief, where people who are moved to share can briefly tell what they experienced.

    5 Rhythms dances don’t always feel comfortable – that is not the intention. The intention is to give you a chance to have some new experiences of yourself – and of creative, self-expressive movement. Discomfort is just one of the many experiences you can have – no better or worse than any other. If you stick with the discomfort – are willing to experience the discomfort, and especially to dance it, to express it – it will shift and something else can happen. I regularly experience some discomfort – and did more so at the beginning. Now I’ve been doing this for about ten years, in a good week two or three times, and am devoted to it. It’s not just great exercise – it makes me happy.


    • 1/2 hour is fine for a door shift
      Majo asked me to say something about 5 rhythms dancing, but what he said is so complete there’s not much else to say. I would encourage dance participation maybe a little stronger and encourage releasing self judgment and not to worry about your appearance. This really is a participatory form and not a voyeristic experience.
      The other comment which might be different is in 5 rhythms there may not be a comment period, although in the ecstatic dance community there is the opportunity for comments.
      One thing in closing is the way that the experience of 5 rhythms can draw people together making a group body that is supportive and nurturing, perhaps a perfect birthday present for our 73 y/o poetry, dancer birth boy.


  5. The incomparable Jo Anna Dane will be facilitating the 60-70 minute 5 Rhythms dance “wave” at our party. She is one of my absolute favorite facilitators in Asheville. She is genuine, charming, funny and very clear in her instructions. Her own creative, iconoclastic way of being in the world opens the envelope for us, also, to be our original selves. And her mixes are very original, with so many musical influences – and tend to rock. I’m sure you will like her.


  6. I’m happy! I’m really looking forward to getting to know you folks better – and I think you will have a good time. I hope you will consider staying for the after-party at 5 – that might be a better opportunity to really visit.


  7. Majo,
    Happy birthday!! We will be in Boston, or I would be there to celebrate and dance with you. I live close and would love to walk with you and Panchita soon. – Cricket


  8. Four Poems and Stories for the party (about 20 minutes)
    1) “Soul Friends”: a story about me and my soul friend Diana – and Battery Park Apartments and Earth Fare
    2) “Majo John”, the poem to myself that my therapist always urged me to write, written finally in celebration of actually being here to party with y’all
    3)”Some Choice Words” – a celebration of the joy of swearing
    4) “Just Say Yes”: my love poem to you, my beloved friends


    • I am so happy you are planning to be here for the party! We have seen each other in a number of different contexts, but I don’t know that we have ever partied together. Have you ever seen/heard me perform poetry? You’re in for a treat.

      Thanks for the generous offer to staff the door, but it looks like you will be there for only 2/3 of the party – and I don’t want you to miss any of the dancing or poetry. We will use Tom Kilby and girlfriend Joy to take the first shift, then get people – as they are signing in – to volunteer for greeting.


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