A couple details about the blog…


If you want to leave a comment. click the little blue “Leave a comment” link at the bottom of the post.  If you want to be informed when somebody else leaves a comment after yours (could be me responding to your comment – i do respond to most every one of them), click the box to that effect under your comment.

If anybody else has left a comment about a post you have just read, that “Leave a comment” link will have changed to “1 comment”, etc.

Following the blog

A couple people have started following the blog, but at some point later stopped getting emails informing them about new posts (which come almost every day).  You can re-subscribe, which should get them coming again.  Please let me know if this happens to you, so I can try to figure out what happened.

If you read posts in your email inbox, you won’t see the cool photos I include with each post.  They are pretty fun, break up the monotony of all words, and often add extra meaning to the post.  If you want to see them as you read, use the email you just got as a tickler telling you to go to the blog online (rlcol.com) and read the post there